At Chalk we are regularly improving, refining, and creating new updates so that we can make the best possible climbing app for you, for free. Since my last update in June 2020, the jump in improvements has been… sizeable. So, in this post, I will let you know about all the latest updates. Hang tight..!

A completely refreshed and vitalised discovery experience

Chalk Discover has been revamped to be more intuitive, friendly and even a pleasure to use. In order to fulfill this vision, we have moved away from Google maps to a brand new custom mapping engine better suited for outdoors.

We’ve improved interactivity. It’s now…

Yesterday 3rd August was the men’s combined sports climbing qualification, the first ever for sports climbing at the olympics taking place at the Aomi Urban Sports Park, as part of the Olympic games taking place in Tokyo. The combined climbing means that the athletes are all measured on three types of climbing disciplines, consisting of the lead qualifier, the bouldering qualifier and the speed qualifier all of which has been completed. Shortly to be followed by the women’s today on the 4th august. …

The “2020” Tokyo Olympic Games opened up in a wonderful ceremony yesterday, taking place in Tokyo’s National Stadium. It was a visual spectacle featuring percussion, dancing, singing and real time visualisations full of colours and passion. The Tokyo Olympics will hold many events: swimming, diving, gymnastics, athletics, wrestling, and of course… sports climbing, which will be making its debut in an olympic event!

This is the first time that climbing makes an appearance, but why now?

Japanese people have a strong interest in mountain climbing and hiking, with Tokyo holding the ‘Mount Fuji Race’ every year. …

In the early months of 2020 the novel Coronavirus was something of a statistic that you heard about on the news. Originating in Wuhan, China, it did not feel particularly threatening far away on the other side of the world both in imagination and in reality.

Around this time, I was working in one of the busiest areas of Central London, Oxford Street. I was taking the London Underground, sharing my commute, breath, and willingness-to-not-make-eye-contact with thousands of others. Armpits lingered in your face and you couldn’t lift your coffee cup without elbowing another. I would disembark and ascend to a street full of shoppers, cross-town wanderers and office workers in every direction. You would float to work in the ebbs and flows of a bustling system; a thick dense crowd of humans. Every working day.

I would find myself in the office on my laptop…

Let’s build a Venue Finder app using React and Redux. Why not?


So, what do we want from our Venue Finder? Well let’s have a think about the kind of features it could have!

We want to…

  • …Search for Venue’s in order of recommendations
  • …Search for type of venues, such as Restaurants, Bars etc
  • …Get Venue’s near you by getting your location!

Sounds pretty simple, but it could definitely be of a lot of use to people. 🙂

Here’s what we want to achieve technically…

  • Creating reusable, singular components with React
  • Scale an application with a component architecture
  • Use the Foursquare API to get data of venues based on locations.

Steve Brown

Steve is a digital designer and developer, guitarist and keen rock climber based in Brixton, London UK

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